PL-1000 Posilok Safety Strap

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PL-1000 Posilok Fall-Arrest Safety Strap

The Tork Winch Posilok Safety Strap is a fall-arrest device to prevent damage and injury when a basketball backstop or curtain installation falls. It is a recommended companion installation to the TW-2000 basketball winch or the CW-1800 curtain winch. The Posilok Safety Strap has an understated, modern appearance with a durable e-coat finish. You can count on Posilok when a mechanical failure occurs.

Product Features

  • Vertical suspended or pivoted load
  • Maximum weight of suspended load*
    • 450kg – 1000 lbs
    • 900kg – 2000lbs w/ rocker kit
  • Strap-breaking strength 318kg – 7300lbs
  • Tripping speed in sudden freefall 0.46 m/s – 1.5 ft/s
  • Re-set action automatic on lifting the load ~2.5cm – 1″
  • Strap length 11.7m – 40ft
  • Weight (as shipped) 8kg – 17lbs
  • Standard 3.5″ pipe mount

*The actual forces on the strap and Posilok device will be much higher than this when it is stopping the falling object. It is designed to absorb these forces.

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