Pipe Grid Tent Chain Pole Clamps

Pipe Grid Tent Chain Pole Clamps

  • Tent Chain Pole Clamps

    Tent Chain Pole Clamp


    • Clamps securely to 2-3/8″ to 7″ OD tent poles utilizing many contact points to maximize grip
    • DL 1000 lbs
  • CPC Chain Extension

    CPC Chain Extension

    #CPC-EK. Extends the grip range of the Chain Pole Clamp from 7″ diameter out to 14″ diameter

  • CPC Light Mount Bracket

    CPC Light Mount Bracket

    #CPC-AB-2. Connect a light fixture anywhere along the length of the chain

  • Mega-Clamp - Stainless Steel

    CPC Chandelier Chain Mount


    • For mounting chandeliers with 1/2″ square bar
    • Mounts anywhere along the length of the chain
  • CPC Coupler Chain Mount

    CPC Coupler Chain Mount

    #CPC-AB-MCMB. Allows an attached Mega-Coupler to be attached anywhere along the length of the chain

  • Tent Beam Clamp

    Tent Beam Clamp

    #TBC. Connects 1/2″ slot tent beam to 1/2″ 13 tpi bolt for lighting fixtures

  • Mega Tent Beam Clamp 4

    Mega Tent Beam Clamp 4″

    #MTBC4. DL 2000 lbs

  • Mega Tent Beam Clamp 8

    Mega Tent Beam Clamp 8″


    • DL 4000 lbs
    • Opens 5-1/4″ to fasten securely into the Keder track slot in free span tents
    • Center hole for a 5/8″ shackle and two drilled and tapped 1/2″ 13 tpi holes for attaching Mega-Couplers to hold pipe
  • CPC Chain Hoist Adapter

    CPC Chain Hoist Adapter


    • The Chain Hoist Adapter is the lowest profile and cleanest looking method of connecting a chain motor to a tent pole
    • CNC machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum billet, will support up to one ton when secured with two of the Chain Pole Clamps to a sufficiently-rated tent pole
  • CPC Chandelier Mount

    CPC Chandelier Mount

    #CPC-MBCM. The substantial body has a square cross section hole for securing 1/2″ bar or tube chandelier mounts

  • CPC Coupler Adapter

    CPC Coupler Adapter

    #CPC-CPA. Fasten a Mega-Coupler 1/2 CS to the adapter connected to the main body of the chain pole clamp