All-Terrain Stages

Weather Resistant Stages

QSD now supplies Intellistage All-Terrain Stages

QSD wants to know if you are you in need of an outdoor stage that is weather resistant or weather proof? Or do you need an outdoor stage that can be set-up on slopes and uneven ground? Or are you craving a stage that is lightweight, compact and easy to set-up? Then QSD has a solution for you with their All-Terrain Stage from Intellistage!

QSD’s new All-Terrain Stage is perfect indoor or outdoor events! QSD Intellistage All Terrain staging is modular; it can be set-up on hills and slopes; they are height adjustable and available in both weather-proof and weather-resistant finishes.

  • QSD’s Intellistage All-Terrain design allows stages to be set-up on uneven ground and slopes. This means you have more freedom in placement!
  • Modular design (stage platforms available in 4’x4′ sections) allows the stage to be expanded or adjusted as needed.
  • Height adjustable design; the same stage can be height-adjusted to 4 different heights 24″ 32″, 40″and 48″.
  • QSD Intellistages are available in 2 finishes: weather resistant and waterproof.
  • Supports weight up to 157 lbs. per square foot.
  • Lightweight, durable and rugged all-aluminum construction.
  • Fast and easy assembly and dis-assembly
  • Compact storage, stacks in a 4′ x 4′ footpring
  • QSD can also supply Intellistage stage stairs, stage guardrails and stage skirting.