Intellistage Platforms

Stage Platform

QSD is now a distributor of Intellistage Platforms!

Intellistage platforms are available in several shapes and sizes to create modular (moveable) staging to suit your business, event, or personal needs.

Featuring a multiple layer sandwich construction (9mm high-density plywood/7.5 mm honeycomb grid / 4mm high-density plywood) with an aluminum profile on all sides; each platform can support up to 157lbs/sq. ft. QSD is able to provide stage platforms in 3 different finishes. Carpet, Tuffcoat or Industrial; and lock together using an integrated platform interlocking system.

QSD is proud to be able to provide a unique accoridan-style folding stage risers definitely up-stage the competition! Deceptively lightweight, compact and strong, risers lock securely into the stage platforms via special platform locking screws. To top it off, riser height can be easily increased up to 64″ high using the QSD Intellistage option ISREK riser coupler. There are risers available to compliment all of the different stage platform shapes (square, triangle, quarter round, step) and they come in 8″ , 16″ , 24″ and 32″ heights.